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Concepts and terms

This page is ordered in a way that you find at the top what you need to know to understand what is at the bottom, so it should be read in this order.


A person registered to Smart Organizer with a username and a password.


A group of users (persons that have subscribed Smart Organizer) that shares interests together and need to arrange events related to these interests. Examples of groups could be:

  • A musical band, that needs to arrange rehearsals and live exhibitions.
  • Friends that like to have dinner together once a week, a couple of times per month, once a month, etc. etc.
  • Friends that like to play a sport together, like having a tennis match, a swimming in the pool, and so on.
  • A family with children, that needs to coordinate sports activities of the boy, dance lessons of the girl, mummy’s pilates, daddy’s bricolage (and sometimes parents rest, please 🙂 ).
  • A business/work team that doesn’t work usually in the same office but needs to meet together once a week, once a month, etc. etc. and must agree about the date.
  • Associations of people that needs to meet, like fan clubs, political parties, charity organizations, and so on.

group master

Is the user that created the group. She/he is the only one that has the right to add or remove members to the group and eventually delete it.

group members

Are users that the group master has added as members to the group. They cannot add or remove themselves from a group since only the group master has these rights, but every user has the right to create and manage its own groups.

selected group

Is the group that has been selected by a user. Most Smart Organizer pages, like Organizer or Members Management, work on the selected group. Of course it can be changed when you like.

The selected group, like all the others user choices, is memorized into our server, not into the device that you are currently using. This means that accessing Smart Organizer from different devices you will be presented the same situation that you left the last time.


A mark is a way to indicate to the other members of a group your availability for that day.

Marks are used only inside the Organizer page, and the possible marks are:

No Mark no mark

Proposal proposal: you propose to arrange an event for this day. If you want to provide more information write a message too.

mark_free free: this day is free, can be used for the group.

mark_maybe_busy maybe busy: this day probably is busy, you will know later. Cannot be used for the group.

mark_busy busy: this day is busy, cannot be used for the group.


Are text messages that every group member can associate to every single day.

Every group member can write one message for each day.

device independency

Smart Organizer is device independent, because has been designed to be responsive to any kind of device that can access the Internet. This means that it is presented in the same way despite if it is accessed via a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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