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Smart Organizer in brief

Smart Organizer is an Internet based service thought to help people organize their everyday life and facilitate the arrangement of meetings of groups of persons that share common interests.

It is focused on one event per day, and a couple of clicks are enough to mark it for the other members of the group: free, than usable for the group, busy, than cannot be used for the group, and so on. Moreover every group member can associate one text message to each day if desired.

The information are intuitively presented thanks to graphic icons and colors combinations. A glance is enough to understand if an event has been arranged for a day or if a day cannot be used for the group.

Every user choice is memorized into our server, not into the device that you are currently using. This means that accessing Smart Organizer from different devices you will be presented with the same situation that you left the last time.

From the technical point of view, it uses the latest technologies to improve its usability and user experience.

It is device independent, because has been designed to be responsive to any kind of device that can access the Internet. This means that it is presented in the same way despite if it is accessed via a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to a sophisticated architecture that minimizes the network accesses and the amount of data exchanged, it is fast to access even via mobile networks or slow Internet connections.


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